September 7, 1985

Mark Jeffery Stone PhD, CMP, CPC, CHT, Wedding MBA
Certified Consultant, Advisor, & Master Practitioner, Certified Wedding Officiant

Framing Life

Our responses to life come from our past conditioning. Our childhood and adult experiences create powerful memories and, many times, unconscious imprints, that form our current perception of reality. This ‘reality’ is stored in our brains as movies, pictures, and thoughts that are made up of thousands of frames. We respond to our world through these frames, which we believe are real. This is an inherent part of being human and affects all aspects of our lives, including our experiences of love. These frames affect how we create and sustain relationships, how we handle conflict, the way in which we communicate, how we play, experience pleasure, forgive, listen, etc. There is no experience that does not get filtered through these frames. However, if we assert our ability to consciously choose to step outside our conditioned responses, we can alter our frames so that we can live with more authenticity. It’s from this place of authenticity that real love can grow and be sustained.

Mark Stone helps you identify your frames and alter them so that you can have a greater, richer, more resourceful experience of loving.

We explore together how to:

  • Restore love after hurt and disappointment
  • Avoid blame and unconscious sabotage
  • Find freedom in forgiveness
  • Address issues of power
  • Inspire the best in yourself and your partner
  • Work together to reciprocate respect and admiration
  • Feel loved and valued
  • Stay awake to love
  • Have more time and fun in your relationship
  • Improve communication
  • Resolve conflict
  • Build or rebuild trust

The Stone Tapestry

Mark Stone of Forever Together has been preparing for his role as Relationship Counselor & Wedding Officiant since 1984. His unique combination of skills includes a variety of modalities that he expertly and seamlessly weaves together into a coherent, effective approach. His style exemplifies the saying: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. His tapestry of skills contains some of these parts:

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP is a communication model that focuses on how we process impressions and information into our own unique sense of reality. Our past experiences become conditioned responses that influence our present and become the map we use to navigate through life. This map is made up of hundreds of thousands of frames that we created in our minds eye since we were just infants. Mark expertly uses NLP to enable his clients to become aware of their maps and to reframe their experiences to create richer and more magical results.


Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool that allows one to break through barriers quickly by identifying word patterns and phrases we subconsciously use to sabotage ourselves. Mark does not put his clients into a hypnotic state, but he does use his knowledge of these word patterns and phrases to facilitate the breakdown of barriers during ordinary consciousness. This allows his clients to get results more quickly and with greater ease.

Certified Professional Consultant & Advisor

As a Certified Professional Consultant and Advisor, Mark is trained to identify problems that interfere with healthy relationships. He is also trained to stay focused on results and ways to achieve you and your partner’s mutual goals, especially in terms of creating a more loving and respectful relationship.

Shared Heart Foundation

Mark’s training through the Foundation has provided him with tools that touch the heart and allow his clients to become comfortable being in vulnerable states – where love is most likely to reside and behavioral change to occur. These tools help move people through barriers, dissolve layers of negativity, and restore relationships to their true foundation of love and respect.

Life Experience

Mark has been married since 1985 to his beautiful wife Michele. His relationship with his wife is no different than most. They have their ups and downs, and their own unique challenges. Mark thanks Michele for all the help she has given him to become a stronger and more loving partner.

Forever Together Relationship Counseling versus Therapy

Couples Therapy can be an effective approach to relationship issues. But Mark’s Relationship Counseling differs from traditional therapy in several ways that may make it a better choice for some couples:
• Mark focuses on results rather than healing. Many times, couples experience a healing effect as a natural byproduct of achieving results, but that is not the focus of Mark’s sessions.
• Mark does not explore the underlying psychology behind a problem. Instead, he helps his clients identify the conditioning that is interfering with their happiness and helps them to reframe their experiences in a way that restores love and happiness to their relationships.
• Mark does not subscribe to the 50-minute hour. His sessions last between one and two hours and the fee is the same regardless of the actual time spent.
• Mark teaches powerful skills that clients can use to sustain and continue their positive progress, independent of his services.

Are You Ready to Reclaim Your True Love?

The partner with whom you committed to spend a life of love is right in front of you. And so are the keys to removing the layers of hurt, neglect, and mistrust. Don’t wait any longer for your happy ending - for your Forever Together.